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BACKGROUND Experimental animal and clinical studies indicate that blood platelets have an important role in atherosclerosis and formation of thrombi. Prospective studies presenting evidence of an association between blood platelet count and cardiovascular mortality have not been performed. METHODS AND RESULTS From 1973 to 1975, blood platelets were(More)
BACKGROUND Point estimates of physical fitness give important information on the risk of death in healthy people, but there is little information available on effects of sequential changes in physical fitness on mortality. We studied this latter aspect in healthy middle-aged men over a total follow-up period of 22 years. METHODS 2014 healthy men aged(More)
Lung function has been associated with mortality after adjusting for other risk factors; however, few studies have adjusted for physical fitness and reported separate analyses according to smoking status. In 1972-1975, spirometry, clinical and physiological parameters were recorded in 1,623 apparently healthy males aged 40-59 yrs. After 26 yrs of follow-up,(More)
OBJECTIVES Congenital laryngomalacia (CLM) is the major cause of stridor in infants. Most cases are expected to resolve before 2 years of age, but long-term respiratory prospects are poorly described. We aimed to investigate if CLM was associated with altered laryngeal structure or function in later life. METHODS Twenty of 23 (87%) infants hospitalised at(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous vagal intraoperative neuromonitoring (CIONM) of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) may reduce the risk of RLN lesions during high-risk endocrine neck surgery such as operation for large goiter potentially requiring transsternal surgery, advanced thyroid cancer, and recurrence. METHODS Fifty-five consecutive patients (41 female,(More)
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