Lorenna Machado

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[1] Four distinct meteorological regimes in the Amazon basin have been examined to distinguish the contributions from boundary layer aerosol and convective available potential energy (CAPE) to continental cloud structure and electrification. The lack of distinction in the electrical parameters (peak flash rate, lightning yield per unit rainfall) between(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of twenty species of tropical macroalgae on in vitro fermentation parameters, total gas production (TGP) and methane (CH4) production when incubated in rumen fluid from cattle fed a low quality roughage diet. Primary biochemical parameters of macroalgae were characterized and included proximate, elemental, and fatty(More)
The extensive grazing systems across northern Australia support approximately 50 % of the national beef herd. Livestock productivity is affected by seasonal variation in pasture quality and quantity. Intensifying livestock production in the north is a challenge, but has been recognised as priority for the Australian economy. Macroalgae offer a sustainable(More)
Subjects reported either the colors or shapes of two simultaneous masked letters. Our first study found that they were less accurate when the reported features were identical ("repetition blindness," or RB), while repetition along the unreported dimension had no effect. Three follow-up studies confirmed that when the same dimension was judged (overtly or(More)
This study aimed to identify the optimal doses of the macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis and Oedogonium sp., individually and in combination, which would decrease the in vitro production of methane while minimizing adverse effects on fermentation, using rumen inoculant from Bos indicus steers. The dose-response experiment evaluated ten doses of Asparagopsis(More)
Asparagopsis taxiformis has potent antimethanogenic activity as a feed supplement at 2 % of organic matter in in vitro bioassays. This study identified the main bioactive natural products and their effects on fermentation using rumen fluid from Bos indicus steers. Polar through to non-polar extracts (water, methanol, dichloromethane and hexane) were tested.(More)
The aim of this study was to improve the freezing protocol of bull sperm, by investigating the influence on sperm viability after freeze/thawing of different freezing medium components, as well as the effect of cooling rates in the different stages of the cooling protocol, in single factor experiments. The experimental variables were: (1) salt-based versus(More)
A laboratory aerobic incubation study was performed during 18 weeks under controlled conditions to assess the effects of applying different doses of pulp mill inorganic wastes on the physical-chemical properties of an acid Dystric Cambissol. Three different inorganic wastes were tested - wood ash, dregs and grits, and an agriculture limestone was used as(More)
Contribution of ruminants to total greenhouse gas emissions in Australia is approximately 10% and likely to increase with demand for livestock products, thus an efficient method of mitigation must be implemented. The red marine macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis reduces enteric methane production by up to 99% in vitro. Other macroalgae with less potent(More)
A comparison between the oscillation frequencies of six multi-periodic δ Scuti stars of the Pleiades cluster and the eigenfrequencies of rotating stellar models that match the corresponding stellar parameters has been carried out. The assumption that all the stars considered have some common parameters, such as metallicity, distance or age, is imposed as a(More)