Lorena Rodríguez

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BACKGROUND Iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency in the world, primarily affecting infants, young children, and women of childbearing age. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of the National Complementary Feeding Program (NCFP) on anemia and iron status in Chilean children aged 11 to 18 months. METHODS Two studies were performed. The(More)
Obesity is a chronic disease with an increasing prevalence in all groups of age, and is associated to increased general mortality and cardiovascular risk. The multidisciplinary non surgical approach must be the treatment of choice for obese subjects. However, the results of such approach among subjects with severe or morbid obesity, are unsatisfactory. In(More)
BACKGROUND The nutritional impact of CONIN nutritional recovery centers must be evaluated, considering the current epidemiological situation in Chile and the new therapeutic focus giving more emphasis to ambulatory treatment. AIM To analyze the nutritional status of children treated at traditional CONIN centers, the reason for their admission and the(More)
BACKGROUND The Ministry of Health of Chile and selected obesity specialized centers implemented an interdisciplinary pilot program for overweight adults at risk of diabetes to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF). AIM To assess the results of this program. PATIENTS AND METHODS Beneficiaries of the public(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmaceutical follow-up consists on the detection, prevention, and resolution of drug-related problems (DRP) in a continuous, systematized, and documented way. DRP is a health problem connected to pharmacotherapy, which can interfere with the expected health outcomes in the patient. AIM To make a pharmacotherapeutic surveillance in HIV/AIDS(More)
BACKGROUND In the Chilean AIDS Cohort, the 15.9% of the patients change the first scheme of HAART because of toxicity, which is also the cause of 47% suspensions of treatment occurred in the first months of therapy. AIM To analyze the incidence and causality of adverse drug reactions in patients initiating or changing antiretroviral therapy. MATERIALS(More)
UNLABELLED EPA and DHA consumption in Chile is markedly below international daily intake recommendations. For improvement of such low intake level, we developed a fortified powdered dairy drink, containing 60 mg/serving of DHA and 14 mg/serving of EPA. OBJECTIVES to evaluate the effects of DHA consumption during pregnancy, parturition, and in the newborn,(More)
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