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The copper(I)-catalyzed regioselective [3 + 2] cyclization of pyridines toward alkenyldiazoacetates leading to functionalized indolizine derivatives is reported. A broad range of pyridine derivatives (including quinoline and isoquinoline) is compatible with this cyclization reaction. The process represents the first successful example of metal-catalyzed(More)
We report the synthesis and biological evaluation of a series of (-)-englerin A analogues obtained along our previously reported synthetic route based on a stereoselective gold(I) cycloaddition process. This synthetic route is a convenient platform to access analogues with broad structural diversity and has led us to the discovery of unprecedented and(More)
Polysubstituted furan derivatives are regioselective obtained from (bis-alkynyl)methyl carboxylates in the presence of catalytic amounts of copper(I) salts. This multistep process is consistent with the intermediacy of a copper(I) (2-furyl)carbene complex which is intercepted by suitable trapping reagents.
Because of the frequent occurrence of cyclopentane subunits in bioactive compounds, the development of efficient catalytic asymmetric methods for their synthesis is an important objective. Introduced herein is a new family of chiral nucleophilic catalysts, biphenyl-derived phosphepines, and we apply them to an enantioselective variant of a useful [4+1](More)
The copper(II)-catalyzed reaction of alkenyldiazo compounds with iodosylbenzene leading to β-oxodiazo derivatives is reported. This process occurs via an unprecedented 1,2-shift of the diazoacetate function. A selection of the synthetic applications of a representative member of this new class of functionalized diazo derivatives in the regioselective(More)
In the last few years the role of diazo compounds in organic synthesis, particularly in cyclization reactions via metal carbenoids (metal: ruthenium, copper, rhodium, etc.) has been prominent. By taking advantage of the ease with which these metal carbenes collapse into the corresponding symmetrical alkenes (homocoupling), we and others have been able to(More)
The copper(I)-catalyzed reaction of alkenyldiazoacetates and iminoiodinanes affords functionalized azetine derivatives. This process is consistent with the formation of an aziridinyldiazoacetate intermediate, which gives rise to the four-membered heterocycles by metal-catalyzed ring expansion. The resulting azetine structure is a direct precursor of(More)
A broad range of substituted 2-cyclopentenone derivatives 3-6 are synthesized by the nickel(0)-mediated [3 + 2] cyclization reaction of chromium alkenyl(methoxy)carbene complexes 1 and internal alkynes 2. The reaction takes place with complete regioselectivity with both unactivated alkynes and activated alkynes (electron-withdrawing and electron-donating(More)
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