Lorena Regattieri

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Impaction of an anterior primary tooth is rare, and most often is associated with the presence of a supernumerary tooth or odontoma (Axel 1937; Amies 1947; Amies 1952; Hitchin and White 1955; Hitchin 1962; Hitchin and Dekonor 1963; Noonan 1971). Although cases of impacted mandibular and maxillary incisors have been reported (Troxler 1973; Yokoyama 1973),(More)
How can visualizations of massive amounts of information be made more useful for data journalists? The availability of large amounts of publicly available user generated content is opening new opportunities to study social, cultural, and communications phenomenon. Computer assisted analysis now makes it possible to explore the relationship between nodes and(More)
How can we identify perspectives in large networks through the application of modularity algorithms? In the digital humanities [1][2], there is a fair number of scholarly work exploring computational routines to cluster and analyze enormous amounts of data. Recently, social data became a valuable source to study collective phenomenon, they provide the means(More)
In this paper, we map the controversy surrounding the Marco Civil da Internet (Civil Framework for the Internet) in Brazil. Drawing on a Twitter dataset spanning from August 2012 to December 2013, this study uses a series of methods of data mining, processing, and information visualization to produce a historiography of collective actions related to the(More)
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