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Unisexual–bisexual mating complexes are found when an all female sperm-dependent (gynogenetic or hybridogenetic) species relies on heterospecific males for reproduction. Mistakes in species recognition or discrimination on the part of the males are fundamental for the persistence of unisexual–bisexual mating systems, but should be selected against because(More)
Methods We included patients at age of 7 years or more, with diagnosis of moderateto severe persistent allergic rhinitis that were evaluated between march of 2010 and june of 2011 at our Regional Center. All patient werw submitted to an spirometry, nasal cytology and a quantitatively nasal eosinophilia measured by optical microscopy. Study design: one(More)
Results A total of 8069 subcutaneous immunotherapy injections were applied between November 2012 to June 2013. Among them, 1071 local reactions (LR) were observed (13.2%). Of the total of LR, 1067 were considered small local reactions (Local reaction no larger than the size of the palm of the patient’s hand [<80 – 100mm]) (99.6%) and 4 were considered large(More)
Results A total of 439 skin tests were performed for indoor aeroallergens in pediatric patients. There were 57.6% (n = 253) men and 42.4% (n = 186) women with mean age of 6.3 years. Patients were divided into the following age-groups: children under 3 years (17.8%, n = 78), 3 to 5 years (35%, n = 154), 6 to 12 years (36%, n = 158) and 13 to 16 years (11.2%,(More)
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