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The dinuclear dialkoxo-bridged complexes [(TiCl)(2)(mu-O(2)L)(mu-{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(4)SiMeO)(2)(mu-O)})] (O(2)L = 1,2-O(2)C(2)H(4), 1,2-O(2)C(6)H(4), 1,2-(OCH(2))(2)C(6)H(4), O(2)SiPh(2)) were obtained by reaction of [(TiCl(2))(2)(mu-{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(4)SiMeO)(2)(mu-O)})] () with the corresponding dilithium salt () or diol (, , ). Alkylation of and with ClRMg(More)
A series of new tetramethylcyclopentadienyl-functionalised N-heterocyclic carbene ligands with different wingtip substituents have been prepared and characterised. These ligands have been successfully coordinated to nickel affording complexes of the general type (Cp*-NHC(R))NiX (X = Cl, I). These well-defined nickel complexes selectively catalysed the(More)
The niobium complex [NbCpCl4] (Cp @g-C5H4(SiCl2Me)) (1) with a functionalized (dichloromethylsilyl)cyclopentadienyl ligand was isolated by the reaction of [NbCl5] with C5H4(SiCl2Me)(SiMe3). Complex 1 was a precursor for the imido silylamido derivative [NbCpCl2(NtBu)] (Cp @g-C5H4[SiClMe(NHtBu)]) (2) after addition of LiNHtBu, which subsequently gave the(More)
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