Lorena Parra

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The use of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has increased in the last years in many different fields. One of the main advantages of WSNs is the fast data acquisition thanks to the data gathering systems that can archive, process and send the collected data through Internet or store them in different formats. These data archiving and processing is very useful(More)
Wolves attacks to sheep and goats are very frequent at night. It has caused great economic losses in some countries. When an animal feels the presence of people or different animals, it experiences an increase of its cardiac frequency and corporal temperature. In this paper, we present a network of wireless nodes using IEEE 802.15.4 technology, which are(More)
The attacks on flocks of goats and sheep are causing great economic losses in some countries. The main causes of these are usually wild animals such as wolves, or thefts of young animals. When an animal feels the presence of people or animals different than the usual ones, it experiences changes in its vital signs. The parameters which are the most altered(More)
Lettuce downy mildew caused by Bremia lactucae is the most important disease of lettuce worldwide. Breeding for resistance to this disease is a major priority for most lettuce breeding programs. Many genes and factors for resistance to B. lactucae have been reported by multiple researchers over the past ~50 years. Their nomenclature has not been(More)