Lorena Millán

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This article describes the treatment of single congenital portosystemic shunts (CPSs) (intrahepatic and extrahepatic) using an interventional radiology technique involving embolisation of anomalous vessels with percutaneous coils. Briefly, a multipurpose catheter was introduced into the caudal vena cava and then into the portosystemic shunt. An(More)
Representative members of a new family of covalently bonded charge-transfer molecular hybrids, of general formula [(eta5-C5H5)Fe(mu,eta6:eta1-p-RC6H4NN)Mo(eta2-S2CNEt2)3] +PF6- (R: H, 5+PF6-; Me, 6+PF6-; MeO, 7+PF6-) and [(eta5-C5Me5)Fe(mu,eta6:eta1-C6H5NN)Mo(eta2-S2CNEt2)3]+PF6-, 8+PF6-, have been synthesized by reaction of the corresponding mixed-sandwich(More)
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