Lorena M. Simon

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Analysis of mental models of junior high school students on learning the process of heating using electricity. (1999). Matrix and mnemonic text-processing adjuncts: Comparing and combining their components. Managing cognitive load-recent trends in cognitive theory. What do inventories of students' learning processes really measure? A theoretical review and(More)
The adaptations in the freshwater turtle that permit survival despite prolonged loss of mitochondrial ATP generation were investigated by comparing the bioenergetics of turtle brain slices with rat brain slices. Aerobic turtle brain shows no significant difference in basal levels of total ATP generation compared to rat brain; levels in turtle brain and rat(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent research has assessed the impact of tobacco laws on cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity. In this study, we also examined whether the association between the implementation of the 2005 Spanish smoking ban and hospital admissions for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases varies according to the adjustment for potential confounders. (More)
Biodiversity problems require strategies to accomplish specific conservation goals. An underlying principle of these strategies is known as Systematic Conservation Planning (SCP). SCP is an inherently multi-objective (MO) problem but, in the literature, it has been usually dealt with a monobjective approach. In addition, SCP analysis tend to assume that(More)
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