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Stathmin is an important regulatory protein thought to control the dynamics of microtubules through the cell cycle in a phosphorylation-dependent manner. Here we show that stathmin interacts with two molecules of dimeric alphabeta-tubulin to form a tight ternary T2S complex, sedimenting at 7.7 S. This complex appears in slow association-dissociation(More)
PAK1 and PAK3 belong to a family of protein kinases that are effectors of small Rho GTPases. In humans, mutations of PAK3 have been associated with mental retardation and result in in vitro studies in defects of spine morphogenesis. The functional specificities of PAK1 and PAK3 remain, however, unclear. Here, we investigated using loss and gain of function(More)
A hormonally active oxyphil adenoma of the parathyroid masqueraded as a thyroid nodule and was present as a palpable neck mass for more than six years prior to the onset of clinically obvious hyperparathyroidism. The slow evolution of the hyperparathyroidism in the presence of a relatively large adenoma was correlated with the presumptive low hormonal(More)
ulcerations of the larynx. Recently, Caillard et all described a 34-year-old man who, after three years of chemotherapy for chronic Iymphocytic leukemia, developed a subglottic lymphomatous infiltrate. The tumor rapidly shrank in response to local radiotherapy. Localized lymphomas at this site are a!so rare. In 5,319 consecutive patients with malignant(More)
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