Lorena G. Gomez-Martinez

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In this paper we present a universal access architecture for digital libraries. Our architecture supports traditional fixed clients and mobile clients addressing the connection adaptation and limited resources challenges presented by mobile devices. We describe the requirements of universally available personal digital libraries and illustrate their(More)
Presented is the project called MAMICare, which is motivated by the alarming number of maternity and infant deaths in rural areas due mainly to a poor monitoring of pregnancy progress and lack of appropriate alerting mechanism in case of abnormal gestation evolution. This work proposes an information technology solution based on mobile devices, and health(More)
This chapter presents the services and functionality that a personal digital library (PDL) system should provide. The chapter includes a reference architecture for supporting the characteristics and functionality of the personal digital library. In particular, a currently available project called PDLib is used as an example of this type of system. The(More)
This is a position paper that describes a long-term ongoing research project that is being developed at ITESM. The project is called Bymx. The aim of Bymx is to integrate information, applications and services over the Internet. Among the Bymx characteristics is the use of technology that has not be fully assimilated by the web (such as distributed database(More)
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