Lorena Etcheverry

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Motivation OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) allows analyzing huge amounts of data for decision-making. Multidimensional data are seen as data cubes (DC). Research Problem Sometimes we cannot afford to wait until the next DW refreshment. We need data now, as it is. This represents a paradigm shift from traditional ETL. Semantic Web and OLAP tools and(More)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools allow querying large multidimensional (MD) databases called data warehouses (DW). OLAP-style data analysis over the semantic web (SW) is gaining momentum, and thus SW technologies will be needed to model, manipulate, and share MD data. To achieve this, the definition of a vocabulary that adequately represents OLAP(More)
The web is changing the way in which data warehouses are designed, used, and queried. With the advent of initiatives such as Open Data and Open Government, organizations want to share their multidimensional data cubes and make them available to be queried online. The RDF data cube vocabulary (QB), the W3C standard to publish statistical data in RDF,(More)
Views on RDF datasets have been discussed in several works, nevertheless there is no consensus on their definition nor the requirements they should fulfill. In traditional data management systems, views have proved to be useful in different application scenarios such as data integration, query answering, data security , and query modularization. In this(More)