Lorena Cristina Santos

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This study aimed to assess the influence of incubation conditions in the determination of bacterial production (BP). In order to achieve that goal, experimental setups were performed in situ and in the laboratory under both dark and light conditions. To test spatial and seasonal variations and the different natural light exposure of microorganisms, sampling(More)
This work describes some recent results on the biomedical use of infrared (IR) images under three aspects. One is the use of thermal imaging for 3D modelling of the human body with special focus on the reproduction of the breast geometry. Such technique could be used for breast reconstruction or choose of external prosthesis to be used for temperature(More)
Purpose: Lympboprolifcrativc ocular adnexal lesions represent 1 spectrum of disorders which range from reactive lymphoid hyperplasia to malignant lymphoma and include lewas which ared an mddcrminatc nature morphologrccally and immunophenotypically. Futhmnwe cases have been ckcvmented where progresswn from reactix hyperplasia to frank Ippboma has camed. We(More)
a:To repcst the association of macular dystrophy with matemslly inherited diabetes mellitus, deafness and " pigmentary due to a mutation of mitochondrial DNA (tRNA M&~&we examined 8 diabetic probands with this mutation to precise the characteris& of the tetinopathy associated with this mutation. R&D: These probands belonged to 6 different families; six of(More)
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