Loren Rogers

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The formation of scales and feathers in reptiles and birds has fascinated biologists for decades. How might the developmental processes involved in the evolution of the amniote ectoderm be interpreted to shed light on the evolution of integumental appendages? An Evo-Devo approach to this question is proving essential to understand the observation that there(More)
The photosynthetic capacity of detached leaves of a non-yellowing mutant of Festuca pratensis Huds. declined during senescence at a similar rate to that in a normal cultivar. Respiratory oxygen uptake in the dark continued at similar rates in both genotypes during several days of senescence. In chloroplasts isolated from leaves at intervals after excision,(More)
Two different clinical syndromes are associated with glutathione synthetase deficiency, one presenting with hemolytic anemia and 5-oxoprolinuria, the other with isolated hemolysis. We have differentiated these disorders on an enzymatic basis. In 5-oxoprolinuria, all cell types examined have grossly deficient enzyme activity and glutathione content. In(More)
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