Loren P. Press

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The catalytic C-H borylation of arenes with HBpin (pin = pinacolate) using POCOP-type pincer complexes of Ir has been demonstrated, with turnover numbers exceeding 10 000 in some cases. The selectivity of C-H activation was based on steric preferences and largely mirrored that found in other Ir borylation catalysts. Catalysis in the (POCOP)Ir system depends(More)
The title compound, [Ni(C(18)H(30)FO(2)P(2))(C(3)H(4)N(2))]PF(6), was prepared by halide abstraction with TlPF(6) in the presence of CH(3)CN in CDCl(3) from the respective neutral pincer chlorido analogue followed by addition of pyrazole. The PO-C-OP pincer ligand acts in typical trans-P(2) tridentate fashion to generate a distorted square-planar nickel(More)
New carborane anions carrying one or three triflyloxy substituents are described. The mono-triflyloxy substituted carborane can be halogenated to give pentabromo and decachloro derivatives with preservation of the B-OTf linkage. The use of [HCB11Cl10OTf](-) as a weakly coordinating anion is demonstrated.
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