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In this paper, we describe rate control and motion estimation in x264, an open source H.264/AVC encoder. We compare the rate control methods of x264 with the JM reference encoder and show that our approach performs well in both PSNR and bitrate. In motion estimation, we describe our implementation of initialization and show that it improves PSNR. We also(More)
We present a novel search algorithm which is suitable for optimizing functions with a high-dimensional discrete-valued parameter vector. The algorithm is designed to find a function local optimum with the minimal number of evaluated points without requiring function derivatives. The algorithm is applied to frame-level rate-distortion (R-D) optimization(More)
• ASL is the preferred language for about 500,000-1,000,000 Deaf people in the U.S and most of Canada. • ASL is not a code for English • Signs usually occur within the " sign-box " • Composed of location, orientation, shape of hands and arms + facial expressions • Usually uses 2 hands, but one-handed signing not uncommon 3 Current Technology for Deaf People(More)
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