Loren Gelber

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OBJECTIVE To examine the prevalence of viral infection, passive smoke exposure, and IgE antibody to inhaled allergens in infants and children treated for acute wheezing. DESIGN Case-control study of actively wheezing children who were compared with children without respiratory tract symptoms. SETTING University of Virginia Pediatric Emergency Room. (More)
To investigate the role of indoor allergens in adult patients with acute asthma, we conducted a case-controlled study on patients presenting to an emergency room. One hundred and fourteen patients and 114 control subjects were enrolled over a 1-yr period in Wilmington, Delaware. Sera were assayed for total IgE, and for IgE antibodies to dust mites, cat(More)
BACKGROUND Molds in the Alternaria genus, normally found on outdoor vegetation, produce some of the most common fungal allergens to elicit a skin test response. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to evaluate a serum assay for IgE antibodies to Alternaria allergens and to establish the prevalence of sensitization to Alternaria allergens among(More)
Quantitative two-site monoclonal antibody (MAb)-based enzyme-linked immunoassays for two cockroach (CR) allergens, Bla g I and Bla g II, have been developed and used to measure allergen levels in house-dust samples. Dust collected from the CR-infested homes of two patients with asthma from Charlottesville, Va., demonstrated wide variation in the levels of(More)
The assay of sustained-release tablets or capsules containing nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, or pentaerythritol tetranitrate by high-performance liquid chromatography is described. Acetonitrile was found to be the sample preparation solvent with the most general applicability to these products. Anisole was used as an internal standard for(More)
In response to concerns expressed by applicants regarding inconsistent policies in establishing blend uniformity acceptance criteria to demonstrate adequacy of mix, the FDA Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) issued the draft document Guidance for Industry, ANDAs: Blend Uniformity Analysis (August 1999). Both generic and innovator pharmaceutical companies raised(More)
A very high prevalence of immediate hypersensitivity to common indoor allergens can be demonstrated among children and young adults, with asthma. Recent progress in the immunochemistry of cat, dust mite and cockroach allergens has made it possible to measure exposure to these allergens and to start to define threshold levels of exposure which increase the(More)
The relationship between asthma, IgE and parasite infection was compared in 68 randomly selected patients with asthma and 37 nonasthmatic controls living in Tanta, Egypt. Sera were assayed for total IgE and for IgE antibodies to inhaled allergens (mite, cat, cockroach, ryegrass, ragweed and 3 fungi) and to parasite antigens (Schistosoma mansoni and Brugia(More)
The assay of ointments containing nitroglycerin is described. Sample preparation by direct dissolution in warm dimethyl sulfoxide appeared to be more accurate than extraction. Anisole was used as an internal standard. Chromatographic conditions included a C18 microporous silica column and a methanol-water mobile phase (40:60). Detection of 215 nm was(More)