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The clinical nutritional knowledge of medical students and practicing physicians was assessed. Overall, nutrition knowledge was modest. However, there were substantial variations in knowledge among closely related topics. Knowledge often was highest among nutrition topics which have received the most publicity in the popular press. The nutrition knowledge(More)
Henrietta Mercer, the senior vice president for human resources at LaSalle Chemical, is facing a challenge unprecedented in her career: Steve Ambler, recently appointed the company's group sales director, has decided to change his gender identity. Before Henrietta can finish crafting a corporate response, someone slips a copy of her confidential memo to the(More)
Much of the research that goes into Big Data, and specifically on Collaborative Big Data, is focused upon questions, such as: how to get more of it? (e.g., · participatory mechanisms, social media, geo-coded data from personal electronic devices) and · how to handle it? (e.g., how to ingest, sort, store, and link up disparate data sets). A(More)
The prevalence of noncompliance is underestimated and the role of the physician in promoting and inhibiting complicance is not often recognized. Physicians accept the need for patient education but do not accept responsibility for the patient's compliance. The disease denial/rationalization syndrome is a useful label for emotional resistance to the(More)
Recent federal legislation established a Certificate of Need (CON) process by which health care providers must receive state approval before building or renovating a facility, or adding a new service. Certainly, strict regulation of cost and quality of home health care is needed, but it is asserted that CON is an ineffective way of organizing the delivery(More)
A health seminar seemed to modify knowledge, attitudes, and reported behavior of a self-selected audience which was already well informed and motivated to change. Therefore, the health seminar appears to be a useful educational approach in this context. The question remains: How can those who are neither informed nor motivated be reached? This study(More)
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