Loren Gary

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Labyrinthine ossification is a common occurrence in patients with profound deafness. This may run as high as 80 percent in patients deafened by meningitis. Ossification sometimes makes cochlear implantation difficult. Two patients are presented with severe scala tympani cochlear ossification who had scala vestibuli electrode implantation. Their functional(More)
Henrietta Mercer, the senior vice president for human resources at LaSalle Chemical, is facing a challenge unprecedented in her career: Steve Ambler, recently appointed the company's group sales director, has decided to change his gender identity. Before Henrietta can finish crafting a corporate response, someone slips a copy of her confidential memo to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare results of post-meningitic children who had cochlear implantation with partial or complete drill-out to those who had no drill-out. STUDY DESIGN This study is a retrospective case review. SETTING The Atlanta Cochlear Implant Group is a private, tertiary, outpatient clinic. PATIENTS Eligibility included all our post-meningitic(More)
BACKGROUND Historically, vertigo after cochlear implantation has not been frequently documented. This differs from the authors' experience in reviewing all adults who underwent implantation at their center from 1995 through 1999. OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of vertigo after cochlear implantation and to describe appropriate intervention. STUDY(More)
Burn-wound patients often require potentially ototoxic doses of aminoglycoside drugs in the treatment of gram-negative sepsis. Cochlear hearing impairment may be an unfortunate consequence of this medical therapy. We evaluated auditory sensitivity with the auditory brainstem response (ABR) in a group of 32 children with acute, severe thermal burns ranging(More)
Much of the research that goes into Big Data, and specifically on Collaborative Big Data, is focused upon questions, such as: how to get more of it? (e.g., · participatory mechanisms, social media, geo-coded data from personal electronic devices) and · how to handle it? (e.g., how to ingest, sort, store, and link up disparate data sets). A(More)
The burn population often requires ototoxic drugs in the treatment of infection. Previous investigations indicate that cochlear damage and auditory impairment may result from this medical therapy. In recent years, the auditory brainstem response (ABR) has assumed an important role in pediatric auditory assessment. We describe a test protocol for ABR(More)
Gantz, et al, reported two patients with extensive cochlear ossification in which cochlear implantation was done with a Nucleus 22-Channel Cochlear Implant after extensive cochlear drill-out. One of the patients did well with 20 functioning electrode pairs. We report an additional three patients with extensive cochlear ossification who received Nucleus(More)
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