Loren G Longenecker

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PURPOSE Aneurysm formation after abdominal aortic bypass reconstruction is an infrequent but underestimated complication. Aneurysms may occur after aortic prosthetic reconstruction for both occlusive and aneurysmal disease, may occur early or late, and may be classified as a pseudoaneurysm or true aneurysm. METHODS Thirty-one cases in 29 patients treated(More)
A retrospective review during a 5-year period (1987 to 1992) was conducted of all patients manifesting leg ischemia after major cardiac surgery. There were 7,620 procedures performed, and 65 (0.85%) patients (mean age: 65 years) were identified with acute ischemia. Diagnosis was made by physical examination, during which a cool pulseless extremity without(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of our study were to determine the accuracy of new MRI criteria in detecting tears of the superficial deltoid ligament of the ankle, the accuracy of established criteria for detecting deep deltoid ligament tears, the most common location of super-ficial deltoid ligament tears, and the frequency of other injuries associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize a cohort of patients with the signs and symptoms of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES), but with clinical and radiologic involvement of the spinal cord. METHODS We report 2 cases of PRES with spinal cord involvement and identified an additional 6 cases in the Medline database using various search terms related to(More)
We sought to determine anterior fontanel size (AFS) in Hispanic neonates and to compare two methods of measurement. The traditional method (TRAD) was defined as the sum of the longitudinal and transverse dimensions, divided by 2. Diagonal measurements (DIAG) were obtained between the estimated midpoints of the edges of the frontal and parietal bones, and(More)
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