Loren D Regier

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Putting charts together Several clinicians and resources provide information for the comparison charts. At the outset, physicians provide information and identify current questions and controversies. In a review of therapy, program staff sort through original clinical trials, evidence-based reviews, recent overviews, and clinical guidelines and sift through(More)
Mr J.C. is an 84-year-old widower who has been a nursing home resident for the past 2 years. He was admitted with mild dementia, which has progressively worsened. His nurse calls because he has been becoming more agitated and is physically aggressive at times. His sleep has deteriorated; occasionally he disturbs other residents at night with shouting and(More)
For many family physicians, initiating insulin therapy in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) can be anxiety-provoking and time-consuming. Often it is physicians’ lack of confidence in starting insulin, not patients’ fear of insulin injections, that delays optimizing glycemic control. Accessing resources such as diabetes treatment guidelines,1-3(More)
Case 1 Mr J.P., a 43-year-old chemical engineer, is a relatively new patient in your practice. He is concerned about increasingly frequent episodes of “gout” over the past 6 months. He describes acute onset of red, swollen, painful joints in his big toes, ankles, and rarely his knees. He reports that he was diagnosed with gout 3 years ago, but cannot recall(More)
Bruce M. is an 82-year-old patient with moderate dementia (Mini-Mental State Examination score of 12), recently admitted to long-term care following surgery for a hip fracture 6 weeks ago. Other relevant medical history includes coronary artery disease (myocardial infarction [MI] 10 years ago treated with angioplasty and stent), long-standing hypertension,(More)
Case description Mr E.P., aged 51 years, comes to your office complaining that he “can’t get it up anymore!” He has noticed over the past year that it takes him longer to achieve an erection and that it is not as firm as it used to be. His erection allows penetration of his partner and lasts long enough to reach ejaculation about 80% of the time. He denies(More)