Loren Cruess Anderson

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Predictions concerning development, interrelations, and possible independence of working memory, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility were tested in 325 participants (roughly 30 per age from 4 to 13 years and young adults; 50% female). All were tested on the same computerized battery, designed to manipulate memory and inhibition independently and together,(More)
The stability of the saliva/plasma (S/P) concentration ratio of atrazine was determined under varying conditions of salivary flow rate and plasma concentration of atrazine in Sprague-Dawley rats. In the salivary flow study, whole saliva samples were collected at different salivary flow rates while the plasma concentration of atrazine was maintained at a(More)
Current biological monitoring techniques are often unable to provide accurate estimates of pesticide dose in exposed worker populations. This study was conducted to investigate the feasibility of pesticide biomonitoring using saliva. Atrazine [2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6-(isopropylamino)-s-triazine], a member of the triazine herbicides, was selected to(More)
The protein binding of atrazine in plasma and its effect on salivary excretion of atrazine was determined in male Sprague-Dawley rats. The degree of protein binding of atrazine was determined at 3 steady-state plasma concentrations, 50, 150, and 250 microg/L, using an ultrafiltration technique. In total, 48 arterial blood samples were collected from 18(More)
The effect of simulated standard no-decompression dives to 60 and 100 ft of seawater was tested in 12 near term sheep carrying 16 fetuses. In the immediate postdive period there were no significant changes in fetal blood pressure or fetal placental or renal blood flow, but the maternal blood pressure was elevated and the maternal placental blood flow was(More)
A review of the literature revealed that a common feature of all human mandibles is a large nerve (inferior alveolar nerve, IAN) between the mandibular and mental foramina. This nerve sends branches directly to the teeth or contributes a variable number of branches to a plexus of nerves which does the same. The plexus originates from a separate nerve that(More)
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