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We constructed a transgenic mouse model that mimics the human autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis in its spontaneous induction and pathology. Transgenic mice were constructed expressing genes encoding a rearranged T cell receptor specific for myelin basic protein (MBP). T cell tolerance was not induced in the periphery, and functional, autoreactive T(More)
have in common? Well, they are all Putnam Fellows. These are undergraduate students who have been ranked top 5 participants in the famous annual Putnam math competition in USA/Canada. All of them in this list are great problem solvers, and many of them have made significant contributions to cryptography (eg. Don Coppersmith's work on RSA via lattices-he was(More)
We consider the pattern of zero and nonzero elements in the sequence Akb, where A is an n X n nonnegative matrix and b is an n X 1 nonnegative column vector. We establish a tight bound of k < n for the first occurrence of a given monomial pattern, and we give a graph theoretic characterization of triples (A, b, i) such that there exists a k, k ~ n, for(More)
The regulation of the two isoforms of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase (PGS-1 and PGS-2) and prostaglandin synthesis by luteinizing hormone (LH)/3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (IBMX) and progesterone was examined in granulosa cells and residual ovarian tissue of rat ovaries perfused in vitro. The endogenous progesterone synthesis was blocked by an inhibitor(More)