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This paper is concerned with the problem of error detection and correction of MPEG-4 video streams transmitted over lossy networks. The problem is first defined and some relevant detail of the MPEG-4 syntax is presented. The difficulties encountered in articulating this problem within a unified Bayesian framework are explored and two separate frameworks for(More)
— The coding of highly compressed data streams involves removing as much redundancy from the stream as possible. However, as redundancy is removed, so is the ability of the decoder to recover from error conditions caused by wireless channels, or other lossy communications links. Standard techniques for providing some protection to the stream against channel(More)
We analyse specular highlight modelling using microfacet-based physics illumination models. The ability to perform effective modelling is shown to depend on the ratio of the quantisation noise, ε, in the normal data to the object’s surface roughness parameter, m. We characterise how the accuracy degrades with increasing normal vector noise, when fitting is(More)
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