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Expression of the S receptor kinase in self-compatible Brassica napus cv. Westar leads to the allele-specific rejection of self-incompatible Brassica napus pollen
Abstract. Expression of an S receptor kinase (SRK910) transgene in the self-compatible Brassica napus cv. Westar conferred on the transgenic pistil the ability to reject pollen from theExpand
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Characterization of a novel Brassica napus kinase, BNK1.
A novel plant protein kinase, designated Brassica napus kinase 1 (BNK1), was isolated from a lambda-pistil cDNA library. The deduced BNK1 protein contains all eleven conserved subdomains of a kinaseExpand
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Functional consequences of thyroid hormone-induced changes in the mitochondrial protein import pathway.
Thyroid hormone [3,5,3'-triiodo-l-thyronine (T(3))] induces phenotypic alterations in cardiac mitochondria, in part by influencing protein import and the expression of the import motor mitochondrialExpand
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