Loraine M O'Neill

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1. The effect of dietary fat and vitamin E supplementation on quality attributes (drip loss, oxidative stability, sensory quality) in chicken meat and meat products was investigated. Broiler chicks were fed on diets containing tallow (60 g/kg) or olive oil (60 g/kg) at a basal (30 mg/kg diet) or supplemental (200 mg/kg diet) concentration of(More)
OBJECTIVE Decidual hemorrhage (abruption) is strongly associated with preterm premature rupture of fetal membranes (PPROM). Moreover, thrombin enhances decidual matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) expression, and MMP has been strongly linked to PPROM. The current study sought to determine whether increased thrombin activation, as assessed by circulating maternal(More)
The antioxidant activity of carnosine in chicken meat, and its relationship to dietary α-tocopherol supplementation, was examined. Broiler chickens were fed diets containing 30 (basal) or 200 (supplemental) mg α-tocopherol acetate kg(-1) feed for 6 weeks. Raw and cooked thigh meat patties containing carnosine (0-1·5%) were prepared. Lipid oxidation, during(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the degree of cervical lengthening after cerclage and whether serial follow-up measurements of cervical length after cerclage are predictive of pregnancy outcome. METHODS Eighty women whose primary physician determined that a prophylactic (n = 50) or urgent cerclage (n = 30) was indicated had transvaginal ultrasonographic(More)
Accident databases (NRC, RMP, and others) contain records of incidents (e.g., releases and spills) that have occurred in the USA chemical plants during recent years. For various chemical industries, [Kleindorfer, P. R., Belke, J. C., Elliott, M. R., Lee, K., Lowe, R. A., & Feldman, H. I. (2003). Accident epidemiology and the US chemical industry: Accident(More)
The effect of carnosine on lipid and cholesterol oxidation in salted chicken thigh meat and its relationship to dietary α-tocopherol supplementation was examined. Broilers (Cobb 500) were fed diets with a basal (30 mg kg(-1)) or supplemental (200 mg kg(-1)) level of α-tocopheryl acetate for 6 weeks. Thigh meat patties were prepared with carnosine (1.5%),(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine changes in length of incompetent cervices after cerclage, using transvaginal ultrasound. METHODS Patients were enrolled in a prospective, observational study under an Institutional Review Board-approved protocol. McDonald or Shirodkar sutures were placed according to physician preference. Pre- and postcerclage cervical lengths were(More)
Medical malpractice premiums and costs of obstetric claims, settlements, and jury awards are at an all-time high. This article describes one professional liability company's initiative to promote safer perinatal care and decrease costs of claims, including the development of the perinatal patient safety nurse role. The primary responsibility of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of CP-154, 526, a corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) receptor antagonist, on the length of normal rat gestation. STUDY DESIGN Twenty-four timed-pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were purchased for this study. The drug and placebo were administered to the animals using an osmotic pump surgically inserted in the dorsal(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of a pelvic (hip) tilt exercise in relieving ligament pain during pregnancy. A multiple pain measurement approach was used. The intensity of ligament pain was decreased as indicated by scores on three of four pain intensity measures. The duration of ligament pain also was reduced, although not(More)
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