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CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVES To describe the Computerized Obstetrics and Gynecology Automated Learning Anaalysis (KOALAtrade mark), a multicentre, Internet-based learning portfolio and to determine its effects on residents' perception of their self-directed learning abilities. METHODS The KOALA programme allows residents to record their obstetrical, surgical,(More)
The humoral immune response against sheep red blood cells (SRBC) is one of the most sensitive and frequently used end-points in evaluating the immunotoxicity of drugs and chemicals in experimental animals. Currently, most immunotoxicology studies measure the SRBC IgM antibody response by quantitating the number of SRBC-specific IgM antibody-forming cells(More)
In recent years surgery has played an increasTREATMENT ingly large part in the treatment of primary The hospital is of an open-air type, situated by tuberculosis of the lungs in children. We have the sea and in a bracing climate. Treatment for been impressed by this increasing frequency, and most atients has been on eneral lines onl also by descriptions of(More)