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In order to extend the industrial use of SuperPlastic Forming (SPF), efforts have been devoted in the recent past to reduce forming times. The more spectacular result is probably the development of the so-called Quick Plastic Forming (QPF) technology which has been particularly investigated in the US automotive industry. QPF has been mainly studied in the(More)
PURPOSE To compare results of 3 clinical vestibular tests between children with global developmental delay (GDD) and children with typical development (TD) and investigate the test-retest reliability. METHODS Twenty children with GDD (aged 4.1-12.1 years) and 11 age-matched controls with TD participated. Participants with GDD underwent 2 sessions of(More)
X-ray tomography is a relevant technique for the dynamic follow-up of gas bubbles in an opaque viscoelastic matrix, especially using image analysis. It has been applied here to pieces of fermenting wheat flour dough of various compositions, at two different voxel sizes (15 and 5 μm). The resulting evolution of the main cellular features shows that the(More)
INTRODUCTION The subarachnoid haemorrhage non traumatic assumes between the 6-8% of all acute cerebrovascular, besides is more frequent in young persons. The mortility and mortality is high and the predictive factors of the worse prognostic in unknown. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the present work, we realized a study of the patients admitted to our intensive(More)
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