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Effects of 1% anaprilin instillations on intraocular pressure, ocular hydro- and hemodynamics, anterior chamber depth, pupil width, ocular functions, systemic arterial pressure and pulse rate were studied in 57 patients (94 eyes) with primary open-angle glaucoma. Anaprilin has shown a manifest hypotensive effect, explained by depression of aqueous humor(More)
By animal experiments and clinically we could prove that isoglaucon instillation caused the decrease in IOP due to both increase in outflow and reduction of humor secretion; the IOP decrease and changes in hydrodynamics being manifested more markedly in the fellow-eye. As reoophthalmography demonstrated "Isoglaucon" produced lumen narrowing in the anterior(More)
A course of treatment with phosphaden, a rheologic agent, has been administered to 33 patients with postthrombotic retinopathy. The treatment resulted in improvement of the fundus oculi status and of vision acuity in the majority of patients. Rheo-ophthalmography data indicate an improvement of blood supply to the eyes after such treatment. The authors(More)
Pentoxifylline belongs to a group of drugs that have a positive effect in disorders of the microcirculation. Pathological changes in the microcirculation of the eye are observed in a number of systemic diseases: arteriosclerosis, hypertension , diabetes mellitus, and arterial hypotension [2]. The vascular factor plays an important role in lesions of the(More)