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We use well-established results in biological vision to construct a novel vision model for handwritten digit recognition. We show empirically that the features extracted by our model are linearly separable over a large training set (MNIST). Using only a linear classifier on these features, our model is relatively simple yet outperforms other models on the(More)
We address the task of automatic discovery of information extraction template from a given text collection. Our approach clusters candidate slot fillers to identify meaningful template slots. We propose a generative model that incorporates distributional prior knowledge to help distribute candidates in a document into appropriate slots. Empirical results(More)
—Socialness refers to the ability to elicit social interaction and social links among people. It is a concept often associated with individuals. Although there are tangible benefits in socialness, there is little research in its modeling. In this paper, we study socialness as a property that can be associated with items, beyond its traditional association(More)
—Named entity recognition (NER) is the task of segmenting and classifying occurrences of names in text. In NER, local contextual cues provide important evidence, but non-local information from the whole document could also prove useful: for example, it is useful to know that " Mary Kay Inc. " has been mentioned in a document to classify subsequent mentions(More)