Lonjaret Laurent

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Over a period of 6 years (1960-65), 886 patients were operated on for herniated lumbar disc. In 1971, 695 of these patients (78.5 per cent) answered a questionnaire. The material was analysed with the aid of a computer. Persons in the age groups 30-39 (38 per cent) and 40-49 (34 per cent) were most prone to develop sciatica. At operation the distribution of(More)
This study presents the late results of the Gill operation for the treatment of lytic lumbar spondylolisthesis in 75 patients. The observation time ranged for 5 to 20 years, averaging 12 years. Primary results were excellent, good or fair in 83 per cent at the end of 1 year. However, the figures dropped to 75 per cent when the cases were evaluated 5 or more(More)
In a series of 91 patients under 20 years of age with lytic spondylolisthesis treated by different operations, 66 (73%) showed a displacement of more than 30 per cent at admission. If the displacement exceeds 30 per cent, it often progresses to a subtotal olisthesis. Spinal fusion should be performed before the displacement exceeds a third of the length of(More)
Thirty-six girls and 20 boys who were diagnosed with spondylolisthesis of L5 when aged less than 12 years (10 months to 11 years) were reexamined clinically and radiologically at skeletal maturity, 5-30 years (average 14.5 years) later. Thirty-two children were treated operatively: 20 patients by posterior, 10 by posterolateral, and one child by anterior(More)