Longzhi Zhao

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The high-speed wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM-HS) machine has been more and more favoured by customers for the low manufacturing cost, the degree of automation and the advantages over the WEDM-LS in price performance ratio. However, the processing quality (the precision of form and position and the surface quality) of WEDM-HS is poorer than that(More)
The numerical simulations of property of SiC/Al co-continuous composites under compression with ANSYS software were carried out. Based on the simulation results, deformational behavior and distribution of stress and strain fields were analyzed. The effects of compression speed for material property was studied. The results showed that Al matrix and SiC(More)
The study on the mechanical properties of foam copper has become increasingly important, for the potential market in the foam metal. The Kelvin model was supposed to be the suitable model to construct the ideal open-cell, continued and three-dimensional structure. The static tensile behavior on the foam copper was simulated by ANSYS and the effects of the(More)
The laser sintering process of multi-component powder W/Cu is simulated by ANSYS software based on the factors of radiation, convection and thermal physical parameters on temperature. The laser power and scanning velocity which are the key process parameters to affect directly in sintering molding are studied in paper. The results show that when the(More)
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