Longzhi Yang

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— Fuzzy interpolative reasoning has been extensively studied due to its ability to enhance the robustness of fuzzy systems and to reduce system complexity. However, during the interpolation process, it is possible that multiple object values for a common variable are inferred which may lead to inconsistency in interpolated results. Such inconsistencies may(More)
We report a theoretical study showing that by utilizing the illumination of an external laser, the Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) signals on the graphene sheet can be modulated in the sub-micron scale. The SPP wave can propagate along the graphene in the middle infrared range when the graphene is properly doped. Graphene's carrier density can be modified(More)
— We design and fabricate a four-port wavelength-selective optical router on silicon-on-insulator wafer for photonic networks-on-chip. The router consists of four basic operation blocks. Each is constructed by one microring resonator (MRR) based add-drop filter rather than the traditional two microrings based 2 × 2 optical crossbar. It can provide(More)
Article history: Available online xxx Keywords: Model governance Data governance Predictive toxicology Information representation Knowledge management Quality assessment a b s t r a c t Efficient management of toxicity information as an enterprise asset is increasingly important for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Many(More)