Longzhi Yang

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We report a theoretical study showing that by utilizing the illumination of an external laser, the Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) signals on the graphene sheet can be modulated in the sub-micron scale. The SPP wave can propagate along the graphene in the middle infrared range when the graphene is properly doped. Graphene's carrier density can be modified(More)
— We design and fabricate a four-port wavelength-selective optical router on silicon-on-insulator wafer for photonic networks-on-chip. The router consists of four basic operation blocks. Each is constructed by one microring resonator (MRR) based add-drop filter rather than the traditional two microrings based 2 × 2 optical crossbar. It can provide(More)
Article history: Available online xxx Keywords: Model governance Data governance Predictive toxicology Information representation Knowledge management Quality assessment a b s t r a c t Efficient management of toxicity information as an enterprise asset is increasingly important for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Many(More)