Longyu Li

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the neuromuscular modifications of cyclists to changes in grade and posture. Eight subjects were tested on a computerized ergometer under three conditions with the same work rate (250 W): pedaling on the level while seated, 8% uphill while seated, and 8% uphill while standing (ST). High-speed video was taken(More)
Time histories of neuromuscular and mechanical variables of human motion are often compared by using discrete timing events (onset, offset, time to peak, zero crossing, etc). The determination of these discrete timing points is often subjective and their interpretation can cause confusion when attempting to compare patterns. In this technical note, cross(More)
In this commentary we question whether the relationship between muscle activity and joint moments is the same for natural motor tasks as for controlled experimental situations. An important consideration in this regard is the identification of the correct electromechanical delay (EMD) for comparing EMG and joint moment data. Data from recent cycling studies(More)
Dynamic exchange of guest molecules, encapsulated in host assemblies, is a phenomenon in supramolecular chemistry that has important implications in several applications. While the mechanism of exchange in micellar assemblies has been previously investigated, the effect of host and guest environment upon the guest-exchange dynamics has received little(More)
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