Longyu Chen

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A resonant current-fed push-pull converter with active clamping is investigated for vehicle inverter application in this paper. A communal clamping capacitor and a voltage doubler topology are employed. Moreover, two kinds of resonances to realize ZVS ON of MOSFETs or to remove reverse-recovery problem of secondary diodes are analyzed and an optimized(More)
The comprehensive resonance analysis and soft-switching design of the isolated boost converter with coupled inductors are investigated in this paper. Due to the resonance participated by the voltage doubler capacitor, clamping capacitor, and leakage inductance of coupled inductors, the reverse-recovery problem of the secondary diodes is restrained within(More)
In this paper, a new zero voltage current switching (ZVCS) resonant voltage-fed push-pull converter for vehicle inverter application is proposed. It achieves ZCS off of the secondary diodes with using secondary leakage inductance as resonant element. By selecting appropriate dead time, the proposed circuit can also feature ZVS on of MOSFETs. The proposed(More)
An energy recycling electronic load system with multiple input channels for DC power supply burn-in test is proposed. It has high efficiency and good performance. The theoretical analysis and the control strategy are presented in this paper. The proposed system employs Input-Parallel and Output-Series Interleaved ZVS Flyback-Forward (IPOS-IZFF) converters(More)
An energy recycling electronic load system with an input-parallel and output-series (IPOS) active clamping current-fed half-bridge converter is proposed in this paper. It is suitable for ultra low voltage high current DC power supplies in the burn-in test. The current-fed half-bridge converter has advantages of high voltage conversion ratio, low input(More)
BACKGROUND The incarceration of a segment of bowel within a groin hernia can result in intestinal strangulation if hernia treatment is delayed. Once intestinal strangulation occurs, a bowel resection may be required, and there is an overall increased risk for postoperative complications. The aim of this study was to identify biomarkers to predict the(More)
A soft switching design of an isolated boost converter with coupled inductors is investigated in this paper. Compared with the former proposed converter, reverse-recovery problem of secondary diodes is removed within the whole operation range and ZVS ON of the main MOSFETs is obtained as well. Moreover, the restricted range of duty ratio is enlarged to(More)
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