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Multi-focus image fusion in wireless visual sensor networks (WVSN) is a process of fusing two or more images to obtain a new one which contains a more accurate description of the scene than any of the individual source images. In this letter, we propose an efficient algorithm to fuse multi-focus images or videos using discrete cosine transform (DCT) based(More)
Iris recognition is one of the most reliable methods of biometrics personal identification. Poor quality iris image will be rejected by recognition system, which will result in the failure of recognition. Therefore iris image quality assessment is very essential to the iris recognition system. In this paper, a multiple step algorithm of iris image quality(More)
In this paper, an improved fast SPIHT algorithm has been presented. SPIHT and NLS (Not List SPIHT) are efficient compression algorithms, but the algorithms application is limited by the shortcomings of the poor error resistance and slow compression speed in the aviation areas. In this paper, the error resilience and the compression speed are improved. The(More)
Image fusion is a process of combining relevant information from input images. Several image fusion techniques are available and are used according to the application. Now-a-days advanced sensors are used for image acquisition. However these sensors usually cannot capture whole information. Hence images from different sensors are combined together to(More)
In this paper, we proposes a low-complexity and excellent multispectral images compression algorithm based distributed compressive sensing. 2-D lifting discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is applied to eliminate spatial redundancy of each band of multispectral images. Unlike the traditional wavelet-based coders (e.g., CCSDS-IDC, etc), DWT coefficients of each(More)
In target detection of optical remote sensing images, two main obstacles for aircraft target detection are how to extract the candidates in complex gray-scale-multi background and how to confirm the targets in case the target shapes are deformed, irregular or asymmetric, such as that caused by natural conditions (low signal-to-noise ratio, illumination(More)
In this paper, we proposed a novel coding scheme is proposed using wavelet-based CS framework for nature image. First, two-dimension discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is applied to a nature image for sparse representation. after multi-scale DWT, the low-frequency sub-band and high frequency sub-bands are re-sampled separately. According to the statistical(More)
rhis work presents a realistic simulator called Reality sim for humanoid soccer robots especially in simulation of computer vision. As virtual training, testing and evaluating environment, simulation platforms have become one significant component in Soccer Robot projects. Nevertheless, the simulated environment in a simulation platform usually has a big(More)
As a virtual training, testing and evaluating environment, simulation platform becomes a significant component in Soccer Robot project. Nevertheless, the simulated environment in a simulation platform usually has a big gap with the realistic world. In order to solve this issue, we demonstrate a more realistic simulation system which is called Reality Sim(More)
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