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Biological inspirations, kinematics modeling, mechanism design and experiments on an undulating robotic fin inspired by Gymnarchus niloticus
Abstract This paper suggests and then presents a whole procedure of biomimetics with a case study starting from amiiform fish ( Gymnarchus niloticus ) to an undulating robotic fin. The procedureExpand
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Supervised Neural Q_learning based Motion Control for Bionic Underwater Robots
Bionic underwater robots have been a hot research area in recent years. The motion control methods for a kind of bionic underwater robot with two undulating fins are discussed in this paper. TheExpand
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Group object detection and tracking by combining RPCA and fractal analysis
A unified algorithm framework called group object detection and tracking is presented, which detects moving objects by robust principle component analysis (RPCA) and Graph Cut algorithm and tracks objects via fractal analysis simultaneously. Expand
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Vertex-degree sequences in complex networks: New characteristics and applications
Many complex networks exhibit a scale-free vertex-degree distribution in a power-law form ck−γ, where k is the vertex-degree variable and c and γ are constants. To better understand the mechanism ofExpand
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Learning Control for Biomimetic Undulating Fins: An Experimental Study
Learning control should focus on imitating natural fish’s adaptability to complex and dynamic environment to some extent, rather than mimicking streamlined shapes or specific actuators to developExpand
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An optimized video synopsis algorithm and its distributed processing model
We propose an effective video synopsis algorithm and a distributed processing model to accelerate the computing speed of video synopsis. Expand
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Effective motion control of the biomimetic undulating fin via iterative learning
The biomimetic undulating fin, RoboGnilos is inspired by natural fish that generally swim via undulations of a long dorsal or anal fin. Expand
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Experimental study on the bionic undulate thruster driven by a hydraulic system
In the paper, a testing prototype of bionic undulate thruster driven by a hydraulic system has been setup, so as to imitate the motion of fish's undulate fin in MPF (Median and/or Paired Fin) mode. Expand
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Overlay Multicast Routing Algorithm with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints
By improving the CHAINS algorithm, we present a more efficient heuristic algorithm FCHAINS to solve the Delay and Delay Variation Bounded Multicasting Network problem. Expand
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Application of Reinforcement Learning to autonomous heading control for bionic underwater robots
This paper introduced the online Q_learning algorithm to the autonomous heading control for a kind of bionic underwater robot with two undulating fins. Expand
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