Longxiang Li

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OBJECTIVE There has been significant interest in the association between asthma and the polymorphisms of IL-17A and IL-17F for a period of time. This work aims to present a clearer relationship between asthma and the polymorphisms of IL-17A and IL-17F. METHOD Searches were performed in Medline, EMBASE, and the Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure(More)
Image segmentation is a key procedure that partitions an image into homogeneous parcels in object-based image analysis (OBIA). Scale selection in image segmentation is always difficult for high-performance OBIA. This letter is aimed at scale selection before segmentation in OBIA and proposes a spatial statistics-based spatial bandwidth selection method(More)
Effective assessments of air-pollution exposure depend on the ability to accurately predict pollutant concentrations at unmonitored locations, which can be achieved through spatial interpolation. However, most interpolation approaches currently in use are based on the Euclidean distance, which cannot account for the complex nonlinear features displayed by(More)
We develop a kind of magnetorheological (MR) polishing fluid for the fabrication of a silicon modification layer on a silicon carbide substrate based on chemical theory and actual polishing requirements. The effect of abrasive concentration in MR polishing fluid on material removal rate and removal function shape is investigated. We conclude that material(More)
With high-determinacy and no subsurface damage, Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) has become an important tool in fabricating high-precision optics. But for large mirrors, the application of MRF is restricted by its small removal function and low material removal rate. In order to improve the material removal rate, shorten the processing cycle, we proposed(More)
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