Longtao Yuan

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Background: In this paper, the phase modulation coding/decoding technology is discussed for the application in the high attenuation medium based on the simulation and the experiment. Methods: For the decoding perspective, the matched filter and the inverse filter are compared. An extra processing is introduced right after the matched filtering to restrain(More)
Hardware implementation of Neural Networks (NNs) provides advantages such as parallelism and real-time capabilities, whereas Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNNs) achieve high accuracy in pattern discrimination. In this paper, a FPGA implementation of a PNN sorting algorithm is proposed to sort spikes. Both Matlab-based and FPGA-based sorting algorithms(More)
  • Ameya Hanamsagar, Ninad Jane, +14 authors Alex X. Liu
  • 2014
Firewall secures a private network from intrusions from other networks. The firewall has ACLs (Access Control List) that contain rules used to allow or deny incoming traffic. These rules form the security policy of the firewall. The large size and complexity of modern networks result in large and complex firewall policies. Designing policies for a network(More)
Using conventional AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures that typically deliver normally-on (or depletion-mode) operation, a novel metal-2DEG tunnel junction FET has been successfully demonstrated. The AlGaN/GaN heterojunction delivers high-density 2DEG without any intentional doping, allowing the formation of a thin tunnel barrier with minimum impurity scattering when(More)
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