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[1] Multiple data sets, mostly from satellite observations, are used to evaluate the performance of the Weather Research and Forecasting model with Chemistry (WRF‐Chem) in simulating the distribution and evolution of aerosol, clouds, precipitation and chemistry during the dry season in South America. A 9‐day WRF‐Chem simulation with 36 km horizontal(More)
[1] Quantifying the relationship of large-scale environmental conditions such as relative humidity with hurricane intensity and intensity change is important for statistical hurricane intensity forecasts. Our composite analysis of 9 years of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) humidity data spanning 198 Atlantic tropical cyclones (TCs) shows that(More)
[1] During the springtime, ozone depletion events (ODEs) are frequently observed in the Arctic boundary layer. While the chemical reactions associated with the ODEs are understood, the processes responsible for their termination remain unclear. Previous studies proposed that wind shear above the Arctic boundary layer promotes enough vertical mixing to(More)
Expensive equipment materials of high-tech are more likely to suffer damage because of adverse effects from transport and storage circumstances. In order to keep materials in good state, the reference analyzed the characteristics of wireless sensor networks, and then designed an environment monitoring system by presenting its net-structure and proposing its(More)
As the current soldier occupational skill appraisal platform is widely used in the troops, the paper quality problem needs to be solved as soon as possible. The article analyzed the paper difficulty distribution computing model, and then constructed models for the paper generating process, put forward an improved genetic algorithm. The new improved(More)
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