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Generally, current string matching algorithms make use of a window whose size is equal to pattern length. In this paper, we present a novel string matching algorithm named WW (for Wide Window) algorithm, which divides the text into n/m overlapping windows of size 2m−1. In the windows, the algorithm attempts m possible occurrence positions in parallel. It(More)
DoS is still one of the most serious attacks on the Internet. Payload-based approaches are effective to known DOS attacks but are unable to be deployed on high-speed networks. To address this issue, flow-based DOS detection schemes have been proposed for highspeed networks as an effective supplement of payload-based solutions. However, existing flow-based(More)
Internet censorship is on the rise as an increasing number of countries and companies block or monitor access to parts of the Internet. Many censorship resistant systems have been proposed, which rely on deploying many access points to the censored domain. Therefore they face the problem of discovering available nodes and deploying a large number of nodes.(More)
With development of computer and network technology, string matching are widely used in information retrieval, intrusion detection, network data analysis and other fields. String matching algorithms and experimental analysis of previous studies are set in the pattern scale to tens of thousands of circumstances, for the large-scale pattern set algorithm was(More)
Agile manufacturing (AM) is a typical concurrent and collaborative way between different enterprises and different departments in order to meet market requirement for time, cost and quality as soon as possible. From the point of view, AM is special project management. Agile manufacturing and project management (PM) have many same characteristics. The(More)
Petri nets are a kind of effective graphic modeling tool. The agent technology is combined with Petri nets in order to enhance flexibility and extendibility. The agent-oriented Boolean token and colored transition Petri nets is proposed. Some characteristics such as liveness, fairness and safety are analyzed. Finally, an example in workflow management(More)
Tor is one of the most widely used low-latency anonymous communication systems currently. However, a fact that users have different requirements on anonymity and performance could not be required in Tor impacts its usability, performance and anonymity. In the paper, we firstly provide a new Tunable Mechanism of Tor (TMT) based on the path length. We analyze(More)