Longqiong Wang

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The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of supranutritional dietary selenium (Se) on selenoproteins expression in three immune organs of chickens. A total of 160 1-day-old male Cobb broilers were randomly divided into two groups and fed a Se-deficient corn-soybean basal diet supplemented with 0.3 (adequate) and 3.0 (excess) mg/kg Se for(More)
To determine the roles of selenoprotein X gene (Selx) in protecting liver cells against oxidative damage, the influences of Selx knockdown on H2O2-induced apoptosis in human normal hepatocyte (LO2) cells were studied. pSilencer 3.1 was used to develop knockdown vector targeting the 3′-UTR of human Selx. The Selx knockdown and control cells were further(More)
This study was envisaged to comprehensively profile genes in selected tissues along with a few biochemical indicators and integrate resulting information with dietary selenium (Se) deficiency symptoms in broilers. A total of 120 one-day-old Cobb male broilers were equally divided into two groups and fed a Se deficient corn-soybean-based basal diet(More)
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