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Denitrification has long been considered a major mechanism of N loss when N fertilizer is applied to flooded rice paddies. However, the direct determination of denitrification in soils is almost impossible because of the high atmospheric background of dinitrogen (N2). Dissolved N2 in a small water sample can be rapidly and precisely measured through(More)
It remains an open question how magnetic energy is rapidly released in the solar corona so as to create solar explosions such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Recent studies have confirmed that a system consisting of a flux rope embedded in a background field exhibits a catastrophic behavior, and the energy threshold at the catastrophic(More)
Here we study the dynamic properties of EUV spicules seen at the solar limb. The selected data were obtained as time series in polar coronal holes by SUMER/SoHO. The short exposure time and the almost fixed position of the spectrometer's slit allow the analysis of spicule properties such as occurrence, lifetime and Doppler velocity. Our data reveal that(More)
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