Longlong Xia

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After responding to each element in varying, successive numerosity displays, pigeons (Columba livia) had to choose, out of an array of symbols, the symbol designated to correspond to the preceding number of elements. After extensive training, 5 pigeons responded with significant accuracy to the numerosities 1 to 4, and 2 pigeons to the numerosities 1 to 5.(More)
Achieving a high-performance p-FET remains one of the grand challenges that stand on the way of a future complementary CMOS technology using InGaAs [1]. A critical problem is the low hole mobility in this material. In this work, we experimentally study the feasibility of hole mobility enhancement through <110> uniaxial strain added to the-1.7% built-in(More)
Denitrification has long been considered a major mechanism of N loss when N fertilizer is applied to flooded rice paddies. However, the direct determination of denitrification in soils is almost impossible because of the high atmospheric background of dinitrogen (N2). Dissolved N2 in a small water sample can be rapidly and precisely measured through(More)
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