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The beneficial effects of quercetin on reproductive damage elicited by 4-nitrophenol (PNP) were studied in adult male mice. A six-week treatment of weekly intraperitoneal injections of PNP (50 mg/kg) resulted in severe damage to the seminiferous tubules, a remarkable increase in both hydroxyl radical and malondiadehyde production, and notably decreased(More)
Hypothermic responses accompany motion sickness in humans and can be elicited by provocative motion in rats. We aimed to determine the potential role in these responses of the efferent cholinergic vestibular innervation. To this end, we used knockout (KO) mice lacking α9 cholinoreceptor subunit predominantly expressed in the vestibular hair cells and CBA(More)
Motion sickness occurs under a variety of circumstances and is common in the general population. It is usually associated with changes in gastric motility, and hypothermia, which are argued to be surrogate markers for nausea; there are also reports that respiratory function is affected. As laboratory rodents are incapable of vomiting, Suncus murinus was(More)
Ouabain exerts only a minor effect on ATP breakdown at 37 degrees C and practically none at 4 degrees C. The effect is less at higher pH values. At 4 degrees C the rates of breakdown at ATP, AMP and of 2,3 P2G are nearly two orders of magnitude less than at 37 degrees C.
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