Longjun Li

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We report an ordered Pd3Fe intermetallic catalyst that exhibits significantly enhanced activity and durability for the oxygen reduction reaction under alkaline conditions. Ordered Pd3Fe enables a hybrid Li-air battery to exhibit the best reported full-cell cycling performance (220 cycles, 880 h).
The polyprotic acid H(3)PO(4) in a Li(2)SO(4) supporting electrolyte has been effectively utilized as a catholyte donating three protons in dual-electrolyte Li-air cells. The cell offers a high capacity of 740 mA h g(-1) at an average cell voltage of 3.3 V with good rechargeability and stability.
Lithium-sulfur batteries with a high energy density are being considered a promising candidate for next-generation energy storage. However, realization of Li-S batteries is plagued by poor sulfur utilization due to the shuttle of intermediate lithiation products between electrodes and its dynamic redistribution. To optimize the sulfur utilization, an(More)
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