Longji Zhu

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The study was conducted to investigate the influence of biochar and/or phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (PSB) inoculants on microbial biomass, bacterial community composition and phosphorus (P) fractions during kitchen waste composting amended with rock phosphate (RP). There were distinct differences in the physic-chemical parameters, the proportion of P(More)
A simulation system of direct torque control speed adjustment is introduced, it include field-weakening control. The simulation system reaLized induction-motor speed control within full-speed regions, constant torque adjustment less than foundation speed and constant power adjustment greater than foundation speed. The results of simulation show that system(More)
In view of the fact of traditional MPC prediction for three-level AFE converter with numerous switching vectors, time-cost computation and complex control, a simplified model predictive control algorithm is proposed in this paper. The multiple current prediction is transformed into a single virtual reference voltage vector prediction according to the(More)
A design scheme of the intelligent SSB (Solid State Breaker) based on the IGCT (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) is presented. The topology of switch module and the structure of the SSB are proposed. Firstly, to the IGCT’s over-voltage sensitivity problem, a new technique of reducing the over-voltage is introduced, which releases the elect romantics(More)
In this paper a wheeled mobile robot and multi-sensors fusing technology are introduced based on the embedded controller of the S3C2410. The function modules of the robot with avoiding obstacle, automatically tracking are analyzed. The ultrasonic ranging, image tracking, and speed detection cirCuits are designed, which adopted multi-sensor fusing(More)
In order to improve soil quality, reduce wastes and mitigate climate change, it is necessary to understand the balance between soil organic carbon (SOC) accumulation and depletion under different organic waste compost amended soils. The effects of proportion (5%, 15%, 30%), compost type (sewage sludge (SS), tomato stem waste (TSW), municipal solid waste(More)
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