Longji Sun

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This paper proposes a new joint error correction and encryption scheme based on turbo codes, which can be called as turbo-based encryption. The new scheme should have high error-correcting capability as well as security. In order to encrypt information by turbo code, two measures are adopted: 1) The interleaver of turbo code is improved, therefore it can be(More)
Motivated by potential applications such as the use of multiple robots to collaboratively localize multiple objects/events of interest through audio cues, we propose a novel solution for blind source separation (BSS) and localization using multiple microphone arrays. Unlike the existing state-of-the-art where direction of arrivals (DOAs) and locations are(More)
The multiple sound source localization problem in reverberant environments is studied by using a circular microphone array. The problem is approached by performing single source localization at each of the selected time-frequency (TF) data points from the received signals followed by a histogram technique to achieve robust localization. A novel TF data(More)
In this paper, the problem of sound source separation and localization is studied using a microphone array. A pure delay mixture model which is typical in outdoor environments is adopted. Our proposed approach utilizes the subspace method to estimate the directions of arrival (DOAs) of the sources from the collected mixtures. Since sound signals are(More)
Multiple sound source tracking in a reverberant environment is studied using multiple microphone arrays. The tracking problem is formulated into a sequential state estimation framework, where source coordinates are the states, and the time differences of arrival (TDOAs) are the measurements. A particle filter based on the random finite set theory is used to(More)
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