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This paper is concerned with the synthesis of a robust and optimal controller for open-loop unstable systems possessing actuator redundancy. The designed linear quadratic state feedback regulator can maintain the close-loop stability in the presence of some certain actuator failures. At the first design stage, a discriminance of actuator functional(More)
This paper focuses on the problem of fault tolerant control for maglev suspension system based on simultaneous stabilization theory. Given two plants which are linear models of suspension system before and after the electromagnet failure respectively, we seek for a single compensator that stables both of them simultaneously. A systematic and simple linear(More)
At first, the maglev vehicle and guideway coupling mathematical model is set up. Through the computation of Lie algebra of the model, a linearization transformation matrix is acquired, and then the nonlinear model is transformed as a linear one. After the special nonlinear model characteristics examined, two simple substitutions are adopted to change the(More)
For Analysis of curve-running performances and influencing factors of maglev guidance system. This paper is based on double bogies system and investigates influences of pendulum-structure when system running on the curve. Firstly, system structure and simplification conditions are described. Secondly, dynamics model of carriage and kinematics model of(More)
For Analysis of guidance performances and influence factors for maglev curve running. This paper first investigates join-structure influences on guidance system of the neighboring bogies, which is based on kinemics modeling and simulation of double bogies system. Firstly, system structure and simplification condition are described. Secondly, mathematics(More)
It was found in research that the relative position between the maglev vehicle and the guideway makes some effects on the stability of maglev system. To make this problem clear, a preliminary study of this problem was made in this paper on the condition that the guideway was a single-span guideway. A vehicle-guideway-coupled model for double suspension(More)
This paper provides a new sufficient condition for the global robust exponential stability of a delayed recurrent neural network. The conditions are expressed in terms of LMIs, which can be easily checked by various recently developed algorithms in solving convex optimization problems. Examples are provided to demonstrate the reduced conservatism of the(More)
In this paper, the dynamical behavior of single magnet suspension system of maglev train considering the elastic guide-way is researched through HOPF bifurcation theory. With three states feedback variables (gap, current, velocity), the HOPF bifurcation conditions and corresponding vibration frequency of the coupled system is presented under different(More)
This paper investigates multifunctional monitoring system based on CAN/USB/CDMA, combines communications of USB and CDMA with the vehicle CAN bus, achieves both real-time on-line and wireless remote monitoring on maglev suspension and guidance system. Firstly, the structure and working principle of the monitoring system are elaborated. Secondly, the(More)