Longhao Qi

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Lithium-ion batteries with a Si anode can drive large mechanical actuation by utilizing the dramatic volume changes of the electrode during the charge/discharge cycles. A large loading of more than 10 MPa can be actuated by a LiFePO4 ||Si full battery with a rapid response while the driving voltage is lower than 4 V.
2D Si nanomaterials have attracted tremendous attention due to their novel properties and a wide range of potential applications from electronic devices to energy storage and conversion. However, high-quality and large-scale fabrication of 2D Si remains challenging. This study reports a room-temperature and one-step synthesis technique that leads to(More)
The lithium dendrite growth and low Coulombic efficiency (CE) during lithium plating/striping cycles are the main obstacles for practical applications of lithium metal anode. Herein, we demonstrate that polyacrylonitrile (PAN) submicron fiber array could guide the lithium ions to uniformly disperse and deposit onto current collector. The PAN submicron fiber(More)
Well-aligned coaxial nanocables, composed of a crystalline alpha-Si(3)N(4) inner core and amorphous SiO(2) outer shell, were prepared on silicon substrates by pyrolysis of a preceramic polymer (perhydropolysilazane) with iron as catalyst. The nanocables have high density, and the longest nanocable can be up to millimeters. Photoluminescence measurement(More)
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