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Call graph plays a very important role in program analysis, and it has been widely used in software engineering (e.g., program understanding, compiling optimization, regression test, etc). In the present paper, we studied the source code structure of a Java program from a call graph perspective. We check the basal network properties of the call graph. By(More)
Tracking multiple objects is critical to automatic video content analysis and virtual reality. The major problem is how to solve data association problem when ambiguous measurements are caused by objects in close proximity. To tackle this problem, we propose a multiple information fusion-based multiple hypotheses tracking algorithm integrated with(More)
Biological networks have been widely interest as an emergent research field over the past decade. Considering of the structure of a network would helpful for understanding its function, determining the pivotal composition in the biological networks is an important step toward understanding them, and the key insights have been provided with centrality(More)
The biological data flood makes more and more genome-scale biological networks available. There is a need to identify functional modules in these biological networks, complex networks based methods offer promise in this regard. Here, we show that EAGLE algorithm can be used for functional modules identification. By applying the algorithm to the giant strong(More)
The huge developments (e. g., small-world and scale-free network theories) in complex networks have inspired new applications in neuroscience fields. To data, lots of studies have suggested that complex networks could also be used in the complex brain systems. In despite of the analysis in brain networks, the centrality methods that could be help to seek(More)
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